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What is 1X2 Betting – Complete Guide for Betting Beginners

Newbies the bookmaker in betting world often encounter many challenges when facing different types of odds, especially 1X2 odds. To help newcomers have a clearer view of this form of betting, the article below will provide detailed information and specific instructions.

What is 1X2 Odds?

When entering the world of soccer betting, players will face many different types of odds. Among them, 1X2 betting is considered one of the most popular and interesting betting formats. If you are still wondering about this type of bet, let's learn more.

What is 1X2? In European odds, 1X2 is a type of betting bet, represented by three symbols: 1, X, and 2. Each symbol corresponds to a different bet:

1: Home team wins.

X: The match ended in a draw.

2: Away team wins.

Results will be determined based on the final score of the match or the score of each half, depending on the player's choice.

How to Bet on 1X2 Handicap

This form of betting is considered simple and easy to understand, making it a popular choice for many new players. Below is how to bet on 1X2 in detail:

Choose Bet: You will choose one of three symbols 1, X, or 2 depending on the prediction of the outcome of the match.

Place a Bet: After choosing a bet, you will place the bet amount on your selection.

Waiting for Results: The new betting site match ends, and the result will be determined by the final score.

Benefits and Challenges


Easy to Understand: 1X2 Betting is a simple form of betting, suitable for beginners.

High Chance of Winning: Because there are only three options, the chance of winning is higher than with some other complicated bets.


Low Reward Rate: Depending on how strong or weak the team is, the reward rate may be low.

High Chance of a Draw: Matches ending in a draw are quite common, increasing the chance of losing the bet.

1X2 odds are an interesting choice for those new to soccer betting. Understanding how to bet and choosing information about the team can help you have a positive and exciting betting experience. Wishing you success in your journey in the world of betting!

Features of 1X2 Odds in Soccer Betting and Detailed Instructions on How to Play

Each type of bet has its own characteristics, and 1X2 is no exception. Those participating in betting can easily recognize the advantages and limitations of 1X2 betting. Below is an overview of this type of bet.

Advantages of 1X2 Odds

1. Easy to Understand: