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Facial Recognition

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Face Detection

The technology enables the detection of faces within an image and identify them with markers. It will then subsequently analyst based on the 72-120 key facial features such as eye, mouth, nose contours et cetera to accurately provide a person's information like gender, age, expression and many more. This technology is highly adaptable to various environments and is suitable to be used for large-scale face detection, or even those that are partially seen, blurred-out or expression change.

Face Comparison

The technology allows a depth analysis to be performed when two faces are being compared in the system. It will analyst and obtain the threshold of similarities between the two faces. With our highly efficient security system and large business data platform, we have synthesises high-quality large-scale data training sets. Coupled that with the use of deep neural network training, the technology is able to deliver effective face detection algorithms that detects faces accurately in various situations and the two faces can be compared with high precision.

Face Searching

Find same faces to a new face, from a given collection of faces. Product fast and accurate search returns a collection of similar faces, along with confidence and thresholds score to evaluate the similarity.

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