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The Final Master 2015 Hd 1080p X264 Aac Mandarin Chs Mp441

The Final Master: A Martial Arts Masterpiece

The Final Master is a 2015 Chinese martial arts film written, co-produced, and directed by Xu Haofeng, about the last Wing Chun masters quest to pass down his art in pre-WWII China. The film stars Liao Fan, Jiang Wenli, Chin Shih-chieh, Song Jia and Song Yang. The film was nominated for six awards at the 52nd Golden Horse Awards, winning Best Action Choreography and Best Adapted Screenplay.

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The film follows Grandmaster Chen (Liao Fan), the last surviving practitioner of the Wing Chun style of martial arts, who arrives in Tianjin with the desire to open a martial-arts school. However, he faces many challenges and obstacles from the local martial arts community, as well as from a powerful crime boss (Jiang Wenli). Chen decides to take Geng (Song Yang), a rickshaw-puller, as his disciple and train him to defeat the eight schools of Tianjin. However, Chen soon realizes that he has become a pawn in a complex game of power and betrayal.

The Final Master is a film that showcases the beauty and intricacy of Chinese martial arts, as well as the historical and cultural context of the era. The film is based on Xu Haofeng's novel The Master, which is part of his Crane-Iron Pentalogy series. Xu Haofeng is also a renowned martial arts expert and historian, who has served as a consultant and choreographer for films such as The Grandmaster (2013) and The Hidden Sword (2017).

The film is available for download in high definition quality (1080p) with x264 encoding and AAC audio in Mandarin language with Chinese subtitles (chs). The file name is "the final master 2015 hd 1080p x264 aac mandarin chs mp441". You can download it from this link: [Download].


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