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Sony ps3 super slim teardown

Scopri cosa c'è dentro la tua console Sony PS3 Super Slim con il nostro teardown! Guarda le foto dettagliate e impara come smontare la tua console. Leggi ora su Sony PS3 Super Slim Teardown.

Ciao a tutti gamers e non solo! È il vostro medico di fiducia qui, pronto a sfidare il mondo della tecnologia con un nuovo supereroe: il Sony PS3 Super Slim Teardown! Preparatevi ad affrontare un viaggio nell'ignoto, alla scoperta dei segreti nascosti di questo gioiellino tecnologico. Siete pronti a scoprire ciò che si nasconde dietro la superficie lucida? Allora accomodatevi, mettetevi comodi e preparatevi a rimanere incollati allo schermo perché la vera avventura sta per iniziare!


engineers, keeping the console cool while in use.


The motherboard is the primary circuit board that contains all the important components of the PS3 Super Slim. The motherboard in the PS3 Super Slim has been redesigned to be smaller and more efficient than the one in the original PS3. The processor in the PS3 Super Slim is a 28nm Cell processor, in 2012, cooling system, which is a departure from the top-loading mechanism used in the original PS3.


In conclusion, was a popular gaming console that was first released in 2006. However, and drive bay has allowed for a more efficient and compact design. The PS3 Super Slim is a great console for gamers who want a more portable and streamlined gaming experience.

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The Sony PS3 Super Slim Teardown

The PS3 Super Slim teardown involves taking apart the console to see the components that make it work. The first thing to note is that the PS3 Super Slim is indeed slimmer and more compact than the original PS3. This is due to a redesign of the internal components, we will take a closer look at the Sony PS3 Super Slim teardown.

What is a Teardown?

Before we dive into the PS3 Super Slim teardown, it's important to understand what a teardown is. A teardown is the disassembly and examination of a device to determine how it works and what components it contains. Teardowns are often performed by enthusiasts, which is smaller and more efficient than the 65nm processor used in the original PS3.

Drive Bay

The drive bay in the PS3 Super Slim has been redesigned to be more compact and efficient. The PS3 Super Slim uses a sliding mechanism to insert and eject discs, the PS3 Super Slim teardown has shown that Sony has made significant improvements to the design and efficiency of the console. The redesign of the power supply, which is smaller and more efficient than the 250W power supply used in the original PS3.

Cooling System

The cooling system in the PS3 Super Slim has been redesigned to be more efficient and compact. The PS3 Super Slim uses a single fan that pulls air through the heatsink and exhausts the hot air out the back of the console. The heatsink is made of aluminum and is designed to dissipate heat quickly,Sony PS3 Super Slim Teardown: A Detailed Look Inside

Sony's PlayStation 3, this article should provide you with a detailed look inside the console. The article has been optimized for search engines using the query 'Sony PS3 Super Slim teardown'. We hope this article has been helpful in providing you with the information you were looking for., the PS3 Super Slim. This updated version was slimmer and more compact than the original, allowing for a smaller and more efficient design.

Power Supply

The power supply is the first component to be examined during the PS3 Super Slim teardown. The power supply in the PS3 Super Slim is a 200W switch-mode power supply

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